Welcome to the TVM community. Here are several ways that you can stay involved.

Discuss Forum

We use discuss forum for general discussions and usage trouble shooting. We welcome all topics related TVM stack.

Discuss Forum

Github Issues

We use the Github issue tracker for developer RFCs and roadmap discussion.

Github Issue Tracker

Mail Lists

As per Apache tradition, everything happens in the community(also) happens in the mail-list. Here are the relavant mail-lists:

To subscribe, send an email to All discuss forum activity under development tag and github issues with RFC COMMUNITY tags are automatically forwarded to dev@


We are release our public roadmaps on github. Please reach out are interested working in aspects that are not on the roadmap.

Public Roadmap


As a community project, we welcome contributions! The package is developed and used by the community.

TVM Contributor Guideline

Organizations using and contributing to TVM

TVM is actived being used and contributed by developers from many organizations. This is a community maintained list of organizations using and contributing to tvm in alphabetical order.