Deploy TVM Module using C++ API

We provide an example on how to deploy TVM modules in apps/howto_deploy

To run the example, you can use the following command

cd apps/howto_deploy

Get TVM Runtime Library

The only thing we need is to link to a TVM runtime in your target platform. TVM provides a minimum runtime, which costs around 300K to 600K depending on how much modules we use. In most cases, we can use that comes with the build.

If somehow you find it is hard to build libtvm_runtime, checkout It is an example all in one file that gives you TVM runtime. You can compile this file using your build system and include this into your project.

You can also checkout apps for example applications build with TVM on iOS, Android and others.

Dynamic Library vs. System Module

TVM provides two ways to use the compiled library. You can checkout on how to generate the library and on how to use them.

  • Store library as a shared library and dynamically load the library into your project.

  • Bundle the compiled library into your project in system module mode.

Dynamic loading is more flexible and can load new modules on the fly. System module is a more static approach. We can use system module in places where dynamic library loading is banned.