Installing TVM

Authors: Jocelyn Shiue, Chris Hoge

Depending on your needs and your working environment, there are a few different methods for installing TVM. These include:

  • Installing from source

  • Installing from third-party binary package.

Installing From Source

Installing from source is the recommended method for installing TVM. It will allow you to enable specific features such as GPU support, microcontroller support (microTVM), and a debugging runtime, and other features. You will also want to install from source if you want to actively contribute to the TVM project. The full instructions are on the Install TVM From Source page.

Installing From Binary Packages

You may install convenient third party binary package distributions to quickly try things out. TLCPack is a third party volunteer community that builds binary packages from TVM source. It offers a support matrix with instructions to install on different platforms, with different features. Check out TLCPack to learn more. Note that the third party binary packages could contain additional licensing terms for the hardware drivers that are bundled with it.

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